Company structure

There are the following departments in the structure of RGW Finance:

The Tax Department

The Accounting Department

Specialized Translations


The Tax Department provides our clients with advice, opinions and clarifications relating to tax obligations.

Our consultants in the Tax Department represent clients in proceedings before tax authorities of all instances and before administrative courts (in tax matters).

Having met the requirements provided for in the act on tax consultancy, by decision of the Finance Minister of 6th May 2005 RGW Finance was entered in the list of entities authorized to provide tax consultancy services. Simultaneously, it obtained the right to use the title “Tax Consultancy Company” as provided for by law.

The Accounting Department provides highly specialized service to business entities in the area of bookkeeping services, personnel and payroll as well as financial and accounting consultancy, keeping tax records, preparing tax returns and declarations.

RGW Finance provides legal aid throughout the country. The registered office of our company is located in the centre of Warsaw.

Our branch in Łódź provides a wide range of bookkeeping and accounting services. The registered office of the RGW Finance Branch is located in the centre of Łódź on the prestigious Piotrkowska street.

Within the framework of the Translation Agency of RGW Finance, we offer our Clients specialist translation services in the area of German language (written translations, ordinary and certified).

Thanks to the cooperation with qualified translators, including certified translators of German, we are in a position to provide top class translation services.

The Translation Agency of RGW Finance specializes in legal and economic texts. Our Clients include law firms, accounting agencies and other entities who in their activity deal with legal and economic transactions with German-speaking countries.

Taking advantage of the extensive experience of the collaborators of RGW Finance Sp. z o.o. we offer our clients the opportunity to develop and obtain professional knowledge provided by proven specialist as part of our nationwide training courses and seminars. Specialised courses organised by RGW Finance in the field such as tax advising, outsourcing, compliance, data security, white collar crime and current changes in the law guarantee high level of shared knowledge as well as a comprehensive discussion of presented problems along with the methods of solving them.

Speakers of the courses and seminars organised by RGW Finance are experts and enthusiasts with long standing experience who actively deal with the topics covered during courses in their everyday professional life, thanks to which courses are extremely valuable in terms of the practical and easy application of the acquired knowledge.