Outsourcing – bookkeeping services, personnel and payroll

Thanks to outsourcing, a company can benefit from lower operating costs and reduced production time. The specialization of RGW Finance enables us to devote our time to the development and delivery of our services in a specific, focused direction which results in our services always being characterized by high quality. We can devote more resources to development in a given field while the unit cost of service provided to a single entity is lower. By entrusting RGW Finance with the providing of their bookkeeping services and financial and accounting consultancy services, entrepreneurs gain more flexibility and control over their businesses.

Bookkeeping services

Personnel and payroll

Financial and accounting consultancy

Keeping the books of accounts or tax records of income and expenditure, and income records for flat rate taxpayers;
Preparing records of fixed assets and equipment, keeping records of stock turnovers;
Keeping records for VAT purposes and VAT accounting;
Making monthly calculations of corporation and personal income tax;
Preparing financial statements;
Preparing statistical reports required by GUS [Central Statistical Office of Poland];
Supervision of bookkeeping for a client;
Material support for personnel of accounting departments;
Periodic reviews of bookkeeping documentation and procedures in a given business entity, and in the unit of the sector of public finances;
Training courses for personnel of the accounting department;
Assistance to a given entity in the organization of the accounting department;
Drafting a company chart of account and accounting policy.

Keeping employee documentation (personnel files);
Calculation of remunerations;
Settlements in the areas of social and health insurance;
Settlement of business trips and company journeys;
Preparation of monthly required reports;
Keeping records of employee remunerations;
Keeping holiday cards;
Organization of company medical records.

Credit requests and applications for EU subsidies;
Budgeting systems;
Development and implementation of business processes;
Work on feasibility studies;
Consultancy with respect to financial and bookkeeping systems.